Affine quantum groups. 2021

Zoom meeting 93850819542, password: "Dimension of G2" -- number, 2 digits

Plan of the course.
  1. Quantum groups (quick review). Notes (updated 15.10.2021).
  2. Affine Lie algebras, affine Weyl groups Notes (updated 28.09.2021).
  3. Affine Lie algebras, representations.
  4. Affine quantum sl(2), PBW generators. Notes (updated 15.10.2021).
  5. Affine quantum sl(2), Drinfeld realizations. Notes (updated 15.10.2021).
  6. RTT realization for affine sl(2). Universl R matrix. Finite dimensional representations of affine sl(2)
Further plans: XXZ integrable models, Algebraic Bethe ansatz, TQ relation, Bosonisation, vertex operators, KZ equations, Dynamical equations, Factorization of the R matrix, Shuffle algebras.

Problems (updated 15.10.2021).

Recording of the lectures. playlist.

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